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Nikolay Borisovich Terpsichhorov

Borisovich Terpsichhorov


Painter, graphic artist. He graduated from the Moscow school of painting (1917), a pupil of A. M. Vasnetsov, K. A. Korovin, K. N. Kasatkina. Participated in the civil. the war in the ranks of the red army. Lived and worked in Moscow. In 1922-32 active member of AHRR. Pictures on ist.-roar. themes, genre scenes, landscapes, portraits – "the First slogan" (1924), "the Training of (rinsing) linen" (1925), "the Locker room" (1928), "Early autumn" (1932), "Morning on the Volga" (1938), "Over the Oka" (1950), "Autumn" (1951), etc.

(1890, St. Petersburg - 1960, Moscow)

Studied in Moscow art school of K. F. Yuon and I. Dudin school of painting and drawing NR. Meshkov, and then at the school of A. M. Vasnetsov, K. A. Korovin, N. And Kasatkina. Participated in the civil war in the ranks of the red Army. Since 1922 - an active member of AHRR, a member of all the eleven exhibitions Association (1922-1929). One of the most consistent supporters orlovskoi ideology and aesthetics. Many works devoted to the military and the revolutionary theme in his work, he often sang the "happy Soviet childhood children" and "joy peace life", reflects "the struggle against the remnants" of bourgeois society. Traveled around the country. Under the impression of the trip to Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan have created a series of genre paintings.

Landscapes N.B. Terpsihorova devoid of ideological overtones, they give the commitment the author's realistic method in art. His works are in the Tretyakov gallery, the Russian Museum, other Russian and foreign collections.

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