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Kanafiy Temir-Bulatovich Telzhanov

Temir-Bulatovich Telzhanov

born in 1927

Thesis in the CVC - "Amangeldy Imanov", rating is good. The training took place at the picturesque faculty, qualification of the artist painting.

People's artist of the USSR, corresponding member of the USSR Academy of arts, laureate of the Republican award

Kanafia of Taljanov was born 1 may 1927 in the Omsk region. He studied in St. Petersburg, in art school and in 1946 graduated from Alma-ATA art school. In 1953 he completed his studies at the Leningrad Institute of painting, sculpture and architecture. Repin in the Studio of a famous artist And M. Avilov.

Major works: "Amangeldy Imanov" (1953), "the First time" (1954), "Change", "Zhamal", "Mama Amina", "Sounds of dombra" (1955), "the land of my ancestors", "Kazakhstan in 1918" (1958), "Sunny", "Kokpar" (1960), "Peace lights" (1961), "Order of Lenin", "Shepherds", (1962), "Silence" (1964), "Hunting with Berkut" (1965), "Council", "Kyz kuu" (1966), the triptych "the Beginning" (1967), "October", "Stream", "spark", "Sang" (1970), "Happy", "People Boz-Aral sea" (1978).

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