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Jacopo da Ponte
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Jacopo Bassano (ital. Jacopo da Ponte Jacopo Bassano) (CA. 1510 — 13 February 1592) was an Italian painter, representative of the Venetian school. He was born and died in Bassano del Grappa, near Venice.

The writing style of Jacopo took over from his father Francesco Bassano the Elder. He created religious paintings, which included elements of everyday life, animals, houses, landscapes. In Venice and other cities of Bassano worked with his four sons, who also shared his style.

Identify the following works of Jacopo Bassano:
The last supper
The gospel shepherds
Christ at Emmaus
The adoration of the shepherds
The Baptism Of The Holy Lucille
Rest on the flight into Egypt

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Jacopo da Ponte Bassano. The mockery of Christ
The mockery of Christ
Jacopo da Ponte Bassano
1568, 41.3×52.5 cm
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