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Nikolayevich Masyutin


Painter, graphic artist, sculptor, writer. He graduated from the military school (1905), until 1907 he served in the army. In 1908-14 he studied at the MUZHVZ. Member of exhibitions since 1908. Member of the 1st World War. Since 1918 he taught in Moscow. SVOMAS. From 1920 in exile, from 1921 until the end of his life he lived in Berlin. Picturesque paintings, easel and Prince. graphics, wood sculpture and other works. Author of novels, short stories.

He graduated from the cadet corps and the Mikhailovsky Artillery School. In 1907 he retired. In 1908 he entered the Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture and graduated in 1914 with the title of class artist. He participated in exhibitions “Wreath” in 1908, MTX in 1908-1916, CPX in 1910-1917, in the International Exhibition of Graphics and Printing in Leipzig in 1914. With the outbreak of World War II, the artist was mobilized to the front. Upon his return in 1917 he worked as part of the Commission for the Protection of Monuments of Art and Antiquities. In 1920, the artist with his wife Valentina Sergeevna Yastrebtsova and daughter Marina moved to Riga, and from there to Berlin. Since the mid-1920s he painted custom portraits, was engaged in applied graphics, executed labels, trademarks, and advertising posters. In the 1920s Masyutin took part in exhibitions of Russian art in The Hague (1924), New York (1924), Berlin (1930), Paris (1931). In 1928, the second solo exhibition of Masyutin in Russia was organized by Erich Gollerbach at the Society for the Encouragement of Arts in Leningrad. In 1945, Masyutin was accused of Ukrainian-nationalist activity and spent more than a year in the camp of Sachnsenhausen. Currently, the publication and research of materials related to the work of Masyutin is carried out by the Werner family, which owns a private


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