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Hun Jehn

Hun Jehn


Hong Ren (1610-1663), as well as kun Can's (1612-1673) was a native of the lower classes. In the world his name was Jiang Tao. He was born in the County To (Prov. Anhui). Still in the Mines, he received the degree "Suzi", which was awarded to the winners of the examinations at the County level. When in South China came the Manchus, he became a monk living in the monastery, began to paint mountain landscapes. After his death his disciples buried him on the slope of the peak, Uneven in Goah Away and put on the tomb of the plum trees "may".

In the field of landscape as a teacher hung Jen was Nor Zhang, however, Hong Ren abandoned some of the characteristics of the teachers, whose works were imbued with a pessimistic mood. Paintings hung Jen, on the contrary, breathe the joy of life, it is possible to see that the author became a monk, not because I wished do removed from worldly pleasures, and only by demonstrating their protest against the Manchus. He invested in the landscape all my reverent love for the country, because they looked particularly full-blooded.

One of his famous masterpieces is the scroll "Stern" (Palace Museum), done in such an elegant manner that it seems as if he wrote the magic brush.

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