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Jan Mince


Yang Mins-Molenaar was born in Haarlem between 1600 and 1610, he studied at FR. The Gal's and worked at first in the manner of the genre painters of his school; later influenced by Rembrandt, A. van Ostade. Wrote scenes of vernacular life, distinguishing itself with the liveliness of the figures, often with comic and a clear, warm flavor. He died in 1668 of his paintings, are very rare in public and private collections, the most famous: "the Village fete" (Hague gallery), "the Five senses" (five paintings), "Violinist and singing peasants," "the Fiddler in a peasant family", "Braincase peasants" (all three in the Dresden gallery.), "The master painter", "Vulgar singer", "Village tavern" (all three in the Berlin Museum), "Evening prayer", "the lady at the harpsichord" (both in the Amsterdam Museum), "Peasant family" (the Hermitage, St. Petersburg)

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