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Viktoria Fokina
Kyiv, 23 years old
Jack Vettriano
Cocktails and broken hearts
At the end of the thrill
The lust for meat
A very dangerous beach
Shop temptations
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    Andy Warhol. Liz
    Andy Warhol. Albert Einstein
      Joaquin Sorolla (Soroya)
      The baths of the Queen, Valsayn
      Coucoulas, Toledo
      The entrance of Central Park
      A sketch of the vineyard, sherry
      Maria in the hat
      René Magritte
      Forbidden world
      The legend of the centuries
      Evening dress
      Claude Monet
      Pond with water lilies
      Garden path
      Rouen Cathedral, the portal and the Tour d Alban in the sun
      Fishing boats
        Peter Paul Rubens. Adam and eve
        Joaquin Sorolla (Soroya). Portrait of girl in hat (Raquel Meller)
        Joaquin Sorolla (Soroya). Roof with flowers
        Joaquin Sorolla (Soroya). Cape San Vicente
        Ivan Constantinovich Aivazovski. Figures on a moonlit coast
        Ivan Constantinovich Aivazovski. Moonlight in Amalfi with a group of bandits, among them Salvator Rosa to paint from nature the landscape
        Ivan Constantinovich Aivazovski. The Bay of Naples
          Leonardo da Vinci. Saint John The Baptist
          Masterpieces of unknown artists. Portrait of a woman in the image of Flora. Academy Leonardo da Vinci in France