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Andrew Wyeth

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Andrew Wyeth. The wind from the sea
The wind from the sea
Andrew Wyeth
1947, 47×70 cm
Andrew Wyeth. Daydreams (from the series "Helga")
Daydreams (from the series "Helga")
Andrew Wyeth. Thin ice
Thin ice
Andrew Wyeth. Marine boots
Marine boots
Andrew Wyeth. Braids (from the series "Helga")
Braids (from the series "Helga")
Andrew Wyeth
1979, 41.9×52.1 cm
Andrew Wyeth. Asylum
Andrew Wyeth. Curtain call
Curtain call
Andrew Wyeth
1979, 79.4×57.1 cm
Andrew Wyeth. The rod and reel
The rod and reel
Andrew Wyeth. Hunter
Andrew Wyeth
1943, 83.8×86 cm
Andrew Wyeth. Midday love
Midday love
Andrew Wyeth. Night of Staking
Night of Staking
Andrew Wyeth
1970, 64.8×101 cm
Andrew Wyeth. Lovers
Andrew Wyeth. The Kuerners
The Kuerners
Andrew Wyeth
1971, 67×102 cm
Andrew Wyeth. The day of Pentecost
The day of Pentecost
Andrew Wyeth. Overflow
Andrew Wyeth
1978, 58.4×73.7 cm
Andrew Wyeth. Squall
Andrew Wyeth. Frozen
Andrew Wyeth
1962, 40.6×59.7 cm
Andrew Wyeth. Christina Olson
Christina Olson
Andrew Wyeth
1947, 63.5×83.8 cm
Andrew Wyeth. Christina's World
Christina's World
Andrew Wyeth
1948, 81.9×121.3 cm


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