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Alla Kuznetsova
Saratov, 27 years old
Alla Kuznetsova
subscribed to the artist
Juan Gris
Juan Gris
Still life with fruit and mandolin
Still life with guitar, book and newspaper
Still life with bottle of Bordeaux
Guitar and clarinet
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    René Magritte
    Forbidden world
    The legend of the centuries
    Evening dress
    Henri Matisse
    Pink nude
    Sleeping nude from the back
    Sunflowers in a vase
    The lady on the terrace
    Marc Chagall
    Blue circus
    Cow with parasol
    Paul Gauguin
    Landscape on the island of Dominic
    Women and white horse
    Young girl with a fan
    With the sorcerer of Hiva OA
    Riders on the coast
    Paul Cezanne
    The river at the bridge of three sources
    Portrait of the gardener Vallier
    Castle black
    The mount of St. Victoria (Sainte Victoire) and castle Black
    Mount Sainte Victoire mountain (the Mount of Saint Victoria)
    Pieter Bruegel The Elder
    The Peasant and the Nest Robber (The Peasant and the Bird Nester)
    The Blind
    The land of cockaigne
    The Conversion Of Saul. (Conversion of St. Paul). Fragment 2. Watching the riders
    The conversion of Saul (Conversion of St. Paul). Fragment 1. Soldiers and accompanying
    William-Adolphe Bouguereau
    Farewell of Tobias's father
    Roman beauty
    Edouard Manet
    A bouquet of lilacs
    Portrait of Madame Michel-levy
    House in Rule
    Corner of the garden at Bellevue
    Edvard Munch
    Reclining Nude
    August Strindberg
    Self-portrait on the background wall of the house
    Working with the child
    The voice (Summer night)
    Peter Paul Rubens
    Three Graces
    Tournament near the castle
    The adoration of the Magi
    Portrait Of Isabella Brant
    A cycle of paintings for Marie de Medici, the French Queen. Prosperity of France under the Regency of Marie de Medici, sketch
    John Singer Sargent
    Dining table by night
    Mrs. Casale with children Edward and Victor
    Garden Millett
    Genoa, the University
    The Boboli Gardens
    Norman Rockwell
    Saying Grace
    A girl running in the rain with the canvas
    Scout came to the rescue
    The four freedoms: Freedom of religion
    Tattoo artist. Cover for the magazine "The Saturday Evening Post" (March 4, 1944)
    Egon Schiele
    Sitting child
    Seated woman
    Portrait of albert Paris von gütersloh
    Wassily Kandinsky
    Henri Fantin-Latour
    Still life with peaches
    Flowers and fruits
    The corner of the table
    Elena. Fragment
    Alphonse Mucha
    Lottery of national unity
    The Hussite king Jiri Podebradsky. The cycle the Slav epic
    West End Review Magazine Cover, January 1898
    Carnation. Sketch
    Karl Pavlovich Bryullov
    Narcissus looking into the water
    Portrait of Grigory and Varvara Olenin.
    M. I. Glinka at the piano
    Portrait of sculptor Ivan Vitali
    Giovanni Antonio Canal (Canaletto)
    Fontemetto della Farina in Venice
    Fat Thursday Festival in front of the Doge's Palace in Venice
    Warwick Castle
    Arch of Constantine in Rome
    Architectural Capriccio
    Boris Mikhailovich Kustodiev
    The ride (self-Portrait with wife)
    Portrait Of Alexander Ivanovich Anisimov
    Portrait Of Nicholas Roerich
    Self portrait at the window
    Merchant's wife at tea
    Constantin Somov
    Portrait Efimia Pavlovna Bow
    Portrait Of Mikhail Alekseevich Kuzmin
    Portrait Of Eugenia Matveevna Bogolubovo
    The lady in blue. Portrait Of Elizabeth Mikhailovna Martynova
    Portrait of the composer Sergei Rachmaninoff
    Titian Vecelli
    Portrait Of Fabrizio Calvaresi
    Diana and Callisto
    Perseus and Andromeda
    Venus and Adonis
    Eugene Delacroix
    A portrait of the Sultan of Morocco, Muley Abd-El-Rahman
    The Church of St. Sulpice, the Chapel of St. Angela: Jacob Wrestling with the angel
    Hunting lions
    Death Larasa
    The Moroccan and his horse
    Amedeo Modigliani
    Gypsy woman with child
    Seated woman in a white blouse
    Woman with a fan. Portrait Of Chekhov Lunii
    Portrait Of Jeanne Hebuterne
    Elvira. Portrait of a girl with white collar
    Mikhail Vrubel
    Self-portrait with a pearl shell
    Water lilies
    Flying Demon
    Girl against a Persian carpet
    Jean-Michel Basquiat
    Hollywood Africans
    Zinaida Serebryakova
    For Breakfast
    At the Dressing-Table. Self-Portrait
    The Portrait Of S. R. Ernst
    Autumn Park
    Andrew Wyeth
    May day
    Crows grove
    Away from home
    A bird in the house
    Dante Gabriel Rossetti
    Blessed Beatrice
    Dante's Love
    The wedding of Saint George and Princess Sabra
    Siren Ligeia
    The Riddle Of The Sphinx
    Camille Corot
    The Lady in Blue
    Pond in Wil d'Avray
    Memories of Kubron
    Woman with daisies
    Church in marissel
    Gustave Courbet
    Marine shaft
    The beach in Etretat
    An enclosure for ROE deer at the stream Fountain of joy. Detail
    Rothko Mark
    Untitled (Blue, yellow and green on red)
    No. 7
     No. 13. White and red on a yellow
    White center (yellow, pink and lavender on red)
    No. 10
    Pierre Bonnard
    Woman slumbering on the bed
    Blue Nude
    Evening in Paris
    Landscape with goods train
    Andre Derain
    Nude on the sofa
    Portrait of a man with a newspaper
    Portrait of a girl in black
    Alfred Sisley
    Church in Moret after the rain
    The path on the shore in the evening near Sayura in Normandy
    Shore in Moret-sur-Loing
    Houses along the river Loing
    Diego Velazquez
    Portrait of the Infanta Margarita in a blue dress
    Portrait Of Maria Theresa
    Portrait of Pope innocent X
    Las Hilanderas (The Fable of Arachne)
    Michelangelo Buonarroti
    The Creation Of Adam
    The Sistine chapel. The painted ceiling. Snippet: the Fall and Expulsion from Paradise
    The Sistine Chapel. The painted ceiling. Snippet: Adam
    The Libyan sibyl (sketch)
    Berthe Morisot
    At the cradle
    Nanny Angela, feeding Julie Manet
    Self portrait with Julie
    Puredata young woman
    Girl with umbrella
    Jean Honore Fragonard
    Play hide and seek
    Date. From series of paintings "Love adventure"
    Stolen kiss
    The hearth
    Love letter
    John William Waterhouse
    In the courtyard
    Portrait of Mrs. Alex Henderson Puleston
    Saint Eulalia
    Flora in a white dress
    Two young Italian girls in the village
    Henri Lebasque
    On the beach
    Conversation in the Park
    A child plays in the garden
    Nano in the hat
    Woman in a Mediterranean landscape
    Henri Rousseau
    The sleeping Gypsy
    The centenary of independence
    The snake-Charmer
    War (Rider of discord)
    Paul Signac
    The town Hall area in AIX-EN-Provence
    Street with half-timbered house in Normandy
    Two barges boat and tugboat in Samois
    Town square
    Fisherman in a boat on the Seine
    Camille Pissarro
    Opera passage, Paris in the rain
    Opera travel
    Carnival on the Boulevard Montmartre at sunset
    Haymaking in Eragny
    Apple picking at Eragny
    Vladimir Egorovich Makovsky
    Evening society
    Visit to the poor
    Portrait of the artist Illarion Mikhailovich Pryanishnikov
    Portrait of the composer Alexander Dargomyzhsky
    Niko Pirosmani (Pirosmanashvili)
    Portrait Of Ilya Zdanevich
    Boy - seller of firewood
    Girl with balloon
    Site helps Prince Bariatinsky to catch Shamil
    The boy on the donkey
    Lucas Cranach the Elder
    The fountain of youth
    Deer hunt in honour of Charles V near the castle in Torgau
    The courtesan and the old man
    Victor Elpidiforovich Borisov-Musatov
    The girl in the necklace. Study for the painting "Emerald Necklace"
    Bells. Etude
    Roses and earrings
    Mary Cassatt
    Baby bathing
    Girls picking fruit
    Mother and child
    Lydia Cesset in bonnet and coat
    Susan in Tok, decorated with two roses
    Jan Vermeer
    Girl with a pearl necklace
    Little street in Delft
    Girl with a pearl earring
    Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres
    Sketch of a Nude model for an allegorical figure of France
    Study of a model in the drapery for the allegorical figure of France
    A sketch for the painting "the Golden Age"
    Large odalisque
    The Dream Of Ossian
    Ilya Ivanovich Mashkov
    Portrait Of Z. D. R.
    Still life with grapes
    Bank Of The Neva. The evening
    The mirror and the skull