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Yuliya Zheribor
    René Magritte
    Forbidden world
    The legend of the centuries
    Evening dress
    Henri Matisse
    Pink nude
    Sleeping nude from the back
    Sunflowers in a vase
    The lady on the terrace
    Edvard Munch
    Reclining Nude
    August Strindberg
    Self-portrait on the background wall of the house
    Working with the child
    The voice (Summer night)
    John Singer Sargent
    Dining table by night
    Mrs. Casale with children Edward and Victor
    Garden Millett
    Genoa, the University
    The Boboli Gardens
    Norman Rockwell
    Saying Grace
    A girl running in the rain with the canvas
    Scout came to the rescue
    The four freedoms: Freedom of religion
    Tattoo artist. Cover for the magazine "The Saturday Evening Post" (March 4, 1944)
    Jackson Pollock
    Full fathom Five
    Number 8
    The lunar woman
    Shimmering substance
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    Andy Warhol became famous not only because of his controversial art and outrageous antics, but also because of his loud and ambiguous statements. Who hasn't heard his phrase about 15 minutes of fame? As he considered making art the same work as any other, he did not say much about his own oeuvre. But the artist loved to talk about his own undoubtfully outstanding person.
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    Kazimir Malevich. Three female figures
    Three female figures
    Kazimir Malevich
    1930, 47×63.5 cm
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