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Katerina Fateeva
Moscow, 49 years old
Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec
In a separate room (In the "Dead rat")
Portrait of miss dolie of the variety "star" in Le Havre
Madame Popul preening
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    Norman Rockwell
    Saying Grace
    A girl running in the rain with the canvas
    Scout came to the rescue
    The four freedoms: Freedom of religion
    Tattoo artist. Cover for the magazine "The Saturday Evening Post" (March 4, 1944)
    Alphonse Mucha
    Lottery of national unity
    The Hussite king Jiri Podebradsky. The cycle the Slav epic
    West End Review Magazine Cover, January 1898
    Carnation. Sketch
    Henri Matisse
    Pink nude
    Sleeping nude from the back
    Sunflowers in a vase
    The lady on the terrace
    René Magritte
    Forbidden world
    The legend of the centuries
    Evening dress
    Isaac Levitan
    A stormy day
    Evening. Golden Plyos
    Eternal rest. A sketch of the same picture
    After the rain. Ples
    Jean Baptiste Simeon Chardin. Prayer before lunch
    Prayer before lunch
    Jean Baptiste Simeon Chardin
    1744, 49.5×38.4 cm
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      Andrew Wyeth
      May day
      Crows grove
      Away from home
      A bird in the house
      William Holman Hunt
      The courtship of the seller of the lights. Street scene in Cairo
      A flock of sheep on the English coast
      Birthday (in preparation). Portrait of Edith, second wife of the artist
      The courtship of the seller of the lights. Street scene in Cairo. Fragment
      Sorceress Shallotte