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Aleksey Chebotarev
Saint Petersburg, Russia, 49 years old
Vyacheslav Savvich Mikhailov
"Love" is from the Mushin passion
"Hope" - from the Mushin passion
"Faith" - from the Mushin passion
Presence 2
Presence 1
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Pavel Nikolayevich Filonov
The formula of spring
Living head
People in the world
The formula of spring
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    Paul Cezanne
    The river at the bridge of three sources
    Portrait of the gardener Vallier
    Castle black
    The mount of St. Victoria (Sainte Victoire) and castle Black
    Mount Sainte Victoire mountain (the Mount of Saint Victoria)
    René Magritte
    Forbidden world
    The legend of the centuries
    Evening dress
    Mikhail Vrubel
    Self-portrait with a pearl shell
    Water lilies
    Flying Demon
    Girl against a Persian carpet
    Auguste Rodin
    King Sisowath
    Two Nudes
    Minion. Portrait Of Rose Bures
    The Burghers Of Calais
    A sinner
    Diego Velazquez
    Portrait of the Infanta Margarita in a blue dress
    Portrait Of Maria Theresa
    Portrait of Pope innocent X
    Las Hilanderas (The Fable of Arachne)
    Alexander Alexandrovich Deineka
    Dry leaves
    Drawing for children's books "Electrician"
    Farmers are digging anti-tank ditches on the outskirts of Moscow
    Give the proletarian cadres of the Ural-Kuzbass
    A peasant uprising. The sketch for the painting of the Assembly hall of the building of the people's Commissariat
    Alfred Sisley
    Church in Moret after the rain
    The path on the shore in the evening near Sayura in Normandy
    Shore in Moret-sur-Loing
    Houses along the river Loing
    Camille Pissarro
    Opera passage, Paris in the rain
    Opera travel
    Carnival on the Boulevard Montmartre at sunset
    Haymaking in Eragny
    Apple picking at Eragny
    Robert Rafailovich Falk
    Crimean landscape
    Still life with fish
    Red furniture
    Portrait of a man
    Henri Fantin-Latour
    Still life with peaches
    Flowers and fruits
    The corner of the table
    Elena. Fragment
    Alberto Giacometti
    Portrait Diego
    The interior of the Studio
    Portrait Of David Thompson
    Tall figure II
    Portrait Of Jean Genet
    Heliy Mikhailovich Korzhev
    Triptych "Communists International"
    During the war
    Old wounds
    Mother. From the series "Scorched by the war fire"
    Paul Signac
    The town Hall area in AIX-EN-Provence
    Street with half-timbered house in Normandy
    Two barges boat and tugboat in Samois
    Town square
    Fisherman in a boat on the Seine
    Franz von Stuck
    The Bathing Susanna
    Self-portrait with wife in the Studio