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veronica spinelli
veronica spinelli
Miami, Florida, 49 years old
Henri Matisse. The interior with the case of a violin
The interior with the case of a violin
Henri Matisse
1919, 73×60 cm
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Tourists who prefer their spring and summer holidays to be artsy will most likely consider making a trip to Giverny. Weekend retreats don’t come more picture-perfect than a stay at the idyllic Blue House, a 19th-century home once owned by the Impressionist artist Claude Monet .

Pavel Dyatlov
, April 21 09:40 AM 2
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Снять дом Моне, покурить из трубочки Гогена, примерить ботинки Ван Гога, поносиь котелок Чаплина. Фетиш в наихудшем его проявлении.
fedor Usachev
, May 11 01:55 AM 0
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Да!!! Печаль...
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