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Anna Kelberg
Almaty, 26 years old art connoisseur
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    Otto Dix. Portrait of journalist Sylvia von Harden
    William Blake. Newton
    William-Adolphe Bouguereau. Comforting Virgin
    Jan Vermeer. Girl with a pearl earring
    Jan Vermeer. Milkmaid
    Dante Gabriel Rossetti. Dante's Love
    Nicholas Roerich. The Himalayas (Sonata overhead paint)
    Ivan Nikolayevich Kramskoy. Unknown
    Max Ernst. Self-portrait
      Edvard Munch
      Reclining Nude
      August Strindberg
      Self-portrait on the background wall of the house
      Working with the child
      The voice (Summer night)
      Albrecht Durer
      Head of a bearded baby
      Portrait Of Jacob Muffel
      Portrait Of Johannes Of Kleberger
      Portrait Of Jerome Of Galssware
      Portrait of a man
      John Singer Sargent
      Dining table by night
      Mrs. Casale with children Edward and Victor
      Garden Millett
      Genoa, the University
      The Boboli Gardens
      Leonardo da Vinci
      The last supper. Fragment
      The Madonna of the carnation (detail)
      Nude study for the figure of John the Baptist
      Figure of a standing naked man
      Lady with an ermine. Cecilia (Cecilia) Gallerani
      Mikhail Vrubel
      Self-portrait with a pearl shell
      Water lilies
      Flying Demon
      Girl against a Persian carpet
      Peter Paul Rubens
      Three Graces
      Tournament near the castle
      The adoration of the Magi
      Portrait Of Isabella Brant
      A cycle of paintings for Marie de Medici, the French Queen. Prosperity of France under the Regency of Marie de Medici, sketch
      Eugene Delacroix
      A portrait of the Sultan of Morocco, Muley Abd-El-Rahman
      The Church of St. Sulpice, the Chapel of St. Angela: Jacob Wrestling with the angel
      Hunting lions
      Death Larasa
      The Moroccan and his horse
      Zinaida Serebryakova
      For Breakfast
      At the Dressing-Table. Self-Portrait
      The Portrait Of S. R. Ernst
      Autumn Park
      John William Waterhouse
      In the courtyard
      Portrait of Mrs. Alex Henderson Puleston
      Saint Eulalia
      Flora in a white dress
      Two young Italian girls in the village
      Otto Dix
      Self-portrait with easel
      The girl with blond hair
      Red figure
      Chaos on the street
      William-Adolphe Bouguereau
      Farewell of Tobias's father
      Roman beauty
      Titian Vecelli
      Portrait Of Fabrizio Calvaresi
      Diana and Callisto
      Perseus and Andromeda
      Venus and Adonis
      Jan Vermeer
      Girl with a pearl necklace
      Little street in Delft
      Girl with a pearl earring
      Sandro Botticelli
      The Annunciation
      The Altar Bardi
      The adoration of the Magi
      The return of Judith to Vitaliy
      Mystical Christmas
      Diego Velazquez
      Portrait of the Infanta Margarita in a blue dress
      Portrait Of Maria Theresa
      Portrait of Pope innocent X
      Las Hilanderas (The Fable of Arachne)
      Dante Gabriel Rossetti
      Blessed Beatrice
      Dante's Love
      The wedding of Saint George and Princess Sabra
      Siren Ligeia
      The Riddle Of The Sphinx
      Joseph Mallord William Turner
      Dogana and Santa Maria della Salute in Venice
      Venice San Benedetto with view of the estuary channel
      Dawn after the wreck
      View of Bellinzona from the South-East
      Rockets and blue lights to warn ships about the shallow waters
      Michelangelo Merisi de Caravaggio
      Saint Jerome Writing
      The Burial Of St. Lucia. Fragment
      Seven acts of mercy
      Seven acts of mercy
      Saint Jerome Writing
      Artemisia Gentileschi
      Judith beheading Holofernes
      Self-portrait with lute
      Judith and her maid with Holofernes head
      Susanna and the Elders
      Birth of John the Baptist
      Auguste Rodin
      King Sisowath
      Two Nudes
      Minion. Portrait Of Rose Bures
      The Burghers Of Calais
      A sinner
      Edward Hopper
      Waiting at the window
      Cars and stones
      Tugboat at Boulevard Saint-Michel
      The first row of the orchestra
      Nicholas Roerich
      The Ice Of The Himalaya
      The Himalayas (Sunset colors)
      Sword Of Gessar Khan. Sketch
      The Himalayas (Sun top)
      The Himalayas (Sapphire mountains)
      Gustave Courbet
      Marine shaft
      The beach in Etretat
      An enclosure for ROE deer at the stream Fountain of joy. Detail
      Michelangelo Buonarroti
      The Creation Of Adam
      The Sistine chapel. The painted ceiling. Snippet: the Fall and Expulsion from Paradise
      The Sistine Chapel. The painted ceiling. Snippet: Adam
      The Libyan sibyl (sketch)
      Jackson Pollock
      Full fathom Five
      Number 8
      The lunar woman
      Shimmering substance
      Francis Bacon
      Sketch Nude
      Sketch of three heads
      Figures in motion
      Sketch chelovecheskogo body
      Landscape with figures
      Ivan Nikolayevich Kramskoy
      Portrait of the philosopher Vladimir Sergeyevich Solovyov
      Actor Aleksandr Pavlovich Lensky in the role of Petruchio in the Shakespeare Comedy "the taming of the shrew"
      Portrait of Dr. Sergei Sergeyevich Botkin
      Portrait Of Adrian Viktorovich Prakhov
      Michael Parkes
      Plot 14
      Plot 13
      The music of water
      Rogier van der Weyden
      Triptych Of The Annunciation. Fragment
      Portrait of Francesco d'este
      Portrait of Pierre de Bereman
      Portrait Of Antoine Of Burgundy
      Portrait of a lady
      William Blake. Illustrations of the Bible. Great red dragon and the woman clothed in the sun
      Illustrations of the Bible. Great red dragon and the woman clothed in the sun
      William Blake
      1805, 43.7×34.8 cm
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        Claude Monet
        Pond with water lilies
        Garden path
        Rouen Cathedral, the portal and the Tour d Alban in the sun
        Fishing boats
        René Magritte
        Forbidden world
        The legend of the centuries
        Evening dress
        Pierre-Auguste Renoir
        Girl with a mandolin