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Sofia Rovinskya
United States
Her paintings are a real discovery, and the Moomins are just the tip of this iceberg. Tove Jansson's role in the visual arts was almost overshadowed by her cute characters, but in 2017, two of her exhibitions were held. We present the incredibly diverse works of the Moomins' creator, find new quotes of her characters, and discover the secrets of life. "Your plans don't have to be extraordinary…

Mariya Gusenok
Mariya Gusenok
, January 15, 2017 04:06 AM 0
Original   Auto-Translated
K. Amber
, May 16, 2018 01:18 PM 0
Original   Auto-Translated
One of the illustrations you have brought with Moomin-troll and Freken Snork is actually not drawn by Tove Jansson, it’s the graphics of a Russian artist (you can see the author’s signature from above). Iricolor user on DeviantArt.
This text was originally published in Russian and automatically translated to English.
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