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Sofi Gorbachevskaya
Kyiv, 49 years old
Piet Mondrian
In The Amstel
The Church in Domburg
At work
The evening
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Marcel Duchamp
Portrait of Yvonne Duchamp
The ninth form of debauchery
Nude in black stockings
Bride undressed by her bachelors (back side)
Utagawa Hiroshige
The Village Of Minova, Kanasugi, Mikawashima. The series "100 famous views of Edo"
Kasumigaseki. The series "100 famous views of Edo"
The procession on the feast of the Sledge in the district of Kojimachi, on the street, Ettema
The view from the bridge, Azumi. The series "100 famous views of Edo"
The sanjusangendo temple, the city of Fukagawa. The series "100 famous views of Edo"
Andrew Wyeth
May day
Crows grove
Away from home
A bird in the house
Willem de Kuning
Valentine's day
Untitled (Two women)
Standing man
Woman. Fragment
Katsushika Hokusai
Bridge temple Kameido Tenjin
Kajikazawa, province of Kai
South wind. Clear day (Red Fuji)
La pareja de Takasago
Toto Aoi-ga-oka no taki
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Lucien Freud
Nude man with rat
Horse lover
The artist
The guy on the balcony
Tetyana Yablonska
Rome. The Forum Of Trajan
Ernst Ludwig Kirchner
Reclining Nude before a mirror
Girl with Japanese umbrella
Mountain Unterboden
Self-portrait in soldier's uniform
Georgia O'Keeffe
Night building, new York
Blue abstraction
Lake George, mantle with red
The flagpole
Rothko Mark
Untitled (Blue, yellow and green on red)
No. 7
 No. 13. White and red on a yellow
White center (yellow, pink and lavender on red)
No. 10
Franz Marc
Small composition II
Composition III
Caliban, costume design for Shakespeare's play "the Tempest"
The elephant, the horse, the ox. Winter
Deer in the forest
Paul Klee
The wind in the garden
Stand for flowers, watering can and bucket
Revolution of the viaduct
Puppet theatre
Fresco from the temple
Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec
In a separate room (In the "Dead rat")
Portrait of miss dolie of the variety "star" in Le Havre
Madame Popul preening
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