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Masha Larionova
Moscow, 49 years old
Fedor Alexandrovich Vasilyev
In the Crimean mountains
Before the rain
Volga lagoons
The hot summer day
Albrecht Altdorfer
Poverty, perched on a plume of Arrogance
Susanna in the bath
The Crucifixion Of Christ
The Virgin Queen
The life of St. Florian, scene from the life of St. Florian, St. Florian the capture. Detail
John William Waterhouse
In the courtyard
Portrait of Mrs. Alex Henderson Puleston
Saint Eulalia
Flora in a white dress
Two young Italian girls in the village
William Morris
Pigeon and Rose
Wild Tulips
Dutch Park
Series "In Search of the Holy Grail". The failure of Sir Gawain (with Edward Burne-Jones)
Tulips and lilies
Nicholas Roerich
The Ice Of The Himalaya
The Himalayas (Sunset colors)
Sword Of Gessar Khan. Sketch
The Himalayas (Sun top)
The Himalayas (Sapphire mountains)
Caspar David Friedrich
Lonely tree
Meadows near Greifswald
On a sailboat. Detail
Albert Birštadt
Lake Tahoe
The salmon fishing on the river Cascapedia
A river landscape. Night over the valley
Rocky mountains, lander peak
Deer at sunset
Andrey Rublev
Ascension of Christ
Prophet Zephaniah
Saved. Icon of the Deesis tier from Zvenigorod
Zvenigorod rank. Apostle Paul
Victor Mikhailovich Vasnetsov
Portrait of the artist Arkhip Kuinji
Bouquet. Abramtsevo
Portrait Of Helena Adrianovna Prahovo
Portrait Of Vera Mamontova Sauverny
Portrait Of Elizabeth Grigorievna Mamontova
Vasily Ivanovich Surikov
Head of a young Cossack
The Conquest Of Siberia By Yermak. A smaller version-the repetition of the same pattern
Beggar kneeling. A sketch for the painting "Boyarynya Morozova"
Landscape with figure brother
A herd of horses in the steppe Babinskoe
Vasily Vasilyevich Vereshchagin
The Himalayas in the evening. Etude
At the fortress wall. "Let him come"
The Taj Mahal in Agra
A rich Kyrgyz hunter with a Falcon
Looking for
Mikhail Vasilyevich Nesterov
Beyond The Volga
Autumn landscape
A portrait of his daughter Olga Mikhailovna Nesterova ("Amazon")
A portrait of his wife, E. P. Nesterova
Tsarevich Dmitry murdered
Sandro Botticelli
The Annunciation
The Altar Bardi
The adoration of the Magi
The return of Judith to Vitaliy
Mystical Christmas
Konstantin Makovsky
Portrait of Governor-General of Eastern Siberia count N. N. Muravyov-Amursky
Female portrait
Portrait of Countess Maria Yegorovna Orlova-Davydova
The children of Mr. Balashov