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19th century_France_1 half

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Gustave Courbet. Studio artists
Studio artists
Gustave Courbet. Afternoon in Ornans
Afternoon in Ornans
Gustave Courbet
1849, 275×195 cm
Gustave Courbet. The origin of the world
The origin of the world
Gustave Courbet
1866, 46×55 cm
Gustave Courbet. Bather
Gustave Courbet
54×65 cm
Gustave Courbet. A funeral in Ornans
A funeral in Ornans
Gustave Courbet
1850, 668×315 cm
Jean-François Millet. A trumpeting shepherd calling the flock home
A trumpeting shepherd calling the flock home
Jean-François Millet
1872, 94.6×64.8 cm
Jean-François Millet. The Sheepshearers
The Sheepshearers
Jean-François Millet
1857, 41.2×28.5 cm
Jean-François Millet. Anzhelyus (Evening prayer)
Anzhelyus (Evening prayer)
Jean-François Millet
1850-th , 55.5×66 cm
Jean-François Millet. The Brushwood Collectors
The Brushwood Collectors
Jean-François Millet
1850-th , 37×37 cm
John Everett Millais. Ophelia
John Everett Millais
1852, 76.2×111.8 cm
Honore Daumier. Night dreamers
Night dreamers
Honore Daumier
19×28 cm
Honore Daumier. On the street
On the street
Honore Daumier
18×28 cm
Honore Daumier. Bathing girl
Bathing girl
Honore Daumier
24×33 cm
Honore Daumier. Laundress
Honore Daumier
33×49 cm
Honore Daumier. Mary Magdalene
Mary Magdalene
Honore Daumier
33×41 cm
Honore Daumier. Actors
Honore Daumier
32×24 cm
Honore Daumier. The Miller, his son and the donkey
The Miller, his son and the donkey
Honore Daumier
97×130 cm
Honore Daumier. Behold The Man
Behold The Man
Honore Daumier
130×163 cm
Honore Daumier. Pierrot with guitar
Pierrot with guitar
Honore Daumier
26×34 cm
Eugene Delacroix. The capture of Constantinople by the crusaders
The capture of Constantinople by the crusaders
Eugene Delacroix
1840, 410×498 cm


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