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Mark Shagal

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Marc Chagall. Self-portrait with Muse (Dream)
Self-portrait with Muse (Dream)
Marc Chagall
1918, 157×140 cm
Marc Chagall. Artist: the moon
Artist: the moon
Marc Chagall
1917, 32×30 cm
Marc Chagall. The Sun Of Paris
The Sun Of Paris
Marc Chagall
1977, 56.8×45.1 cm
Marc Chagall. Paris through the window
Paris through the window
Marc Chagall
1913, 135.8×141.4 cm
Marc Chagall. The cemetery gates
The cemetery gates
Marc Chagall
1917, 87×68.6 cm
Marc Chagall. The cattle dealer
The cattle dealer
Marc Chagall
1912, 97×200.5 cm
Marc Chagall. L'Anniversaire
Marc Chagall
1915, 80.8×100.3 cm
Marc Chagall. Musician
Marc Chagall. Dance
Marc Chagall
1920, 214×108.5 cm
Marc Chagall. Snuff
Marc Chagall
1912, 128×90 cm
Marc Chagall. Prayer of the Jew (version 2)
Prayer of the Jew (version 2)
Marc Chagall
1923, 116.8×89.4 cm
Marc Chagall. A visit to grandma and grandpa
A visit to grandma and grandpa
Marc Chagall
1916, 46.3×62.5 cm
Marc Chagall. Russia, Asses and others
Russia, Asses and others
Marc Chagall
1912, 156×122 cm
Marc Chagall. Spoon milk
Spoon milk
Marc Chagall. Self-portrait
Marc Chagall. Dream
Marc Chagall. Walk
Marc Chagall
1918, 169.6×163.4 cm
Marc Chagall. The circus is in town
The circus is in town
Marc Chagall. Avenue Opera
Avenue Opera
Marc Chagall. The outcome
The outcome
Marc Chagall
1966, 130×162 cm


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