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Willem de Kuning. Woman. Fragment
Woman. Fragment
Willem de Kuning. Untitled (Two women)
Untitled (Two women)
Willem de Kuning
1947, 50.8×40.6 cm
Norman Rockwell. Girl with black eye
Girl with black eye
Norman Rockwell
1953, 76×86 cm
Alfons Mucha. Spring. Series Seasons
Spring. Series Seasons
Alfons Mucha
1896, 103×54 cm
Lucien Freud. Social Warden is sleeping
Social Warden is sleeping
Lucien Freud
1995, 219×314.2 cm
Lucien Freud. Horse lover
Horse lover
Lucien Freud
1940, 36×24 cm
Frank Auerbach. The Head Of John. J. M. (Juliet Yardley Mills)
The Head Of John. J. M. (Juliet Yardley Mills)
Frank Auerbach
1985, 66×61 cm
Lucien Freud. Girl with a kitten
Girl with a kitten
Lucien Freud
1947, 41×30.7 cm


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