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Kristina Repina
Kristina Repina
Saint Petersburg, Russia, 49 years
George Grigorievich Nyssa
On my way
On a fishing boat. The evening
Autumn. Semaphore
February. The suburbs
Moscow. Dynamo.
William Holman Hunt
The courtship of the seller of the lights. Street scene in Cairo
A flock of sheep on the English coast
Birthday (in preparation). Portrait of Edith, second wife of the artist
The courtship of the seller of the lights. Street scene in Cairo. Fragment
Sorceress Shallotte
Lee Krasner
Still life
Number 3
Seated Nude
Grant Wood
Artist with palette
Daughters of the revolution
The midnight ride Paul Revere
Spring in the city
John William Waterhouse
In the courtyard
Portrait of Mrs. Alex Henderson Puleston
Saint Eulalia
Flora in a white dress
Two young Italian girls in the village
John Constable
The opening of Waterloo bridge on 18 June 1817
Valley in Dedham
Arable land
A galloping horse. Fragment
Clouds. Sketch
John William Waterhouse. Lady of Shallot
Lady of Shallot
John William Waterhouse
1888, 153×200 cm
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Jan Vermeer
Girl with a pearl necklace
Little street in Delft
Girl with a pearl earring
Caspar David Friedrich
Lonely tree
Meadows near Greifswald
On a sailboat. Detail
Aubrey Beardsley
Platonic Lament
Mask of the Red Death
Toilet Salome. Illustration for the tragedy "Salome"
Camille Corot
The Lady in Blue
Pond in Wil d'Avray
Memories of Kubron
Woman with daisies
Church in marissel
Georgia O'Keeffe
Night building, new York
Blue abstraction
Lake George, mantle with red
The flagpole
David Hockney
The photographer and his daughter
Jonathan Silver
Self-portrait with Charlie
John Fitzherbert
Billy Wilder
Frida Kahlo
The Deceased Dimas
Self Portrait - The Frame
Sleep (Bed)
Self portrait with monkeys
Zinaida Serebryakova
For Breakfast
Over the toilet. Self-portrait
The Portrait Of S. R. Ernst
Autumn Park
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