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Alpaka Bezumnaya
    Carlo Crivelli
    Coronation of the Virgin Mary
    St. George and the dragon. The altar of the family, Odoni, right wing at the base of the altar
    Madonna on the throne. Altar Triptych Camerino, the central part
    The Annunciation. Altar triptych, right top
    Saint Anthony The Abbot, St. Jerome, St. Andrew. Altar triptych, right wing at the base of the altar
    John Singleton Copley
    Portrait of the Copley family
    Portrait Of Thaddeus Barr
    Nathaniel Hurd
    Watson and the shark. Fragment
    Abigail Bromfield Rogers (Mrs Daniel Denison Rogers)
      Thomas Eakins
      The thinker, portrait of Louis N. Kenton
      Amelia van Buren
      Portrait Of Maud Cook
      Student painting James Wright
      Portrait of cardinal Sebastian Martinelli
      Isaac Brodsky
      Summer Garden alley in autumn
      Portrait of Lyubov Makarovna Brodskaya
      Self-portrait with daughter
      Alley Park
        George Romney
        Emma Hamilton in the image of spinner
        Emma Hart, later Lady Hamilton as Ariadne
        Lady hamilton in the image of the bacchante
        Lady Hamilton in the allegorical image of Nature
        Lady Hamilton in prayer
        Aristarkh Vasilyevich Lentulov
        Night at Patriarshiye ponds
        The sun above the roofs. Sunset
        Landscape with a white house and yellow gate
        Landscape with a monastery wall
        Nizhny Novgorod
          George Clausen
          Worker, Cookham Dean
          Fruit garden in may
          Knitting bundles
          Adolf Friedrich Erdmann von Menzel
          In the White hall
          Happy owners
          In the pub on the air
          Sermon in the parish Church in Innsbruck
          The feast of corpus Christi in Hofgastein
            Ernst Fuchs
            The Angel Of History. The project for the parish of St. egid parish Church of Klagenfurt
            Cherub with orange horns of flame
            The angel of Death over the gate to Purgatory (detail)
            The observer in infinity
            Portrait Of Christina
            Mikalojus Konstantinas Ciurlionis
            From the series "the Creation"
            Raigardas. Triptych
            From the series "Zodiac Signs". Sagittarius
            Sonata of the sea. Allegro
              Martin Johnson Head
              Blooming Orchids and Passiflora and Hummingbirds
              Boat on the shore
              Magnolias on blue velvet
              Still life with a branch of a blossoming apple tree in the nautilus shell
              View of the Fern Three Walk, Jamaica
              Giovanni Giacometti
              Sun spots
              The Portrait Of Ottilie Giacometti
              Stonemasons in Lungotevere, Italy
              Sunny slope with goats
              In the garden
                Annibale Carracci
                Roman landscape
                Venus, Satyr and cupids
                Apollo and Marsyas
                Venus and Cupid
                Portrait of Giovanni Gabriele with a lute
                Gabrielle Metsu
                The cook at work
                The patient and the doctor
                Charles-Francois Daubigny
                Neighborhood Villerville
                The confluence of the Seine and Oise
                Boats on the Oise
                Sunset on the Oise
                Beach Oise
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