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Aleksandra Rudyak
Novosibirsk, 40 years old
    Pierre-Joseph Redoute. Pink roses in a vase
    Pierre-Joseph Redoute. Rose with buds
      Pierre-Joseph Redoute. Vase with Flowers
      Pierre-Joseph Redoute. Bouquet of roses
        Pierre-Joseph Redoute. Rose parviflora, semi-double. "Roses"
        Pierre-Joseph Redoute. Purple peony. "Rare plants of Malmaison and Navarre"
          Mari-Victoire Lemoine. Still Life of Spring Flowers in a Basket
          Ivan Fomich (Trofimovich) Khrutsky. Flowers and fruits
            Rachelle Ruysch. A bouquet of flowers on a marble ledge
            Henri Fantin-Latour. A basket of roses
              Rachelle Ruysch. Summer flowers in a vase
              Rachelle Ruysch. Roses, marigolds, hyacinths and other flowers on a marble ledge
                Gustave Caillebotte. Chrysanthemum. The garden in Petit-Gennevilliers
                Gustave Caillebotte. Villa in Trouville
                  Leda Vysotsky. Flowers in Vase
                  John Constable. Flatford Barge
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