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Alisa Artyunina
Velikiy Novgorod
Ivan Aivazovsky. The Acropolis Of Athens
The Acropolis Of Athens
Ivan Aivazovsky
1883, 74×63 cm
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    Ivan Aivazovsky. View of the Grand Cascade and Grand Peterhof Palace
    Ivan Aivazovsky. Moonlit night
      Ivan Aivazovsky. Gondolier at sea by night
      Ivan Aivazovsky. Windmill on the seashore
        Ivan Aivazovsky. Travel of Poseidon by sea
        Ivan Aivazovsky. Azure grotto. Naples
          Ivan Aivazovsky. Niagara falls
          Ivan Aivazovsky. Caravan in the oasis. Egypt
          Alexander Mikhailovich Gerasimov
          Bombay dancer
          Portrait of the ballet dancer Olga Lepeshinskaya
          V. I. Lenin on the podium
          The Apple trees in bloom
          Noon. Warm rain
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          Vladimir Alexandrovich Serov
          Lenin's speech at the II all-Russian Congress of Soviets
          Lenin proclaims Soviet power
          Winter is taken
          In Smolny
          Walkers in VI Lenin
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          Sergey Alekseevich Korovin
          In the world
          In public places
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