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Olga Zhurkova
Olga Zhurkova
Moscow, 49 years old
Viewers are always keen to look behind the scenes to see the magic of creating a masterpiece. Some see the romantic appeal in strict order, others – in creative chaos, yet others – in comfort and serenity. Arthive collected images of workshops and studios of 44 famous artists. Choose the interior that speaks to you and write about it in the comments. Tell us what your creative atmosphere is and…

Elena Nastyuk
, March 23, 2017 04:51 AM 0
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Джорджия ОКиф
Galina Kurochkina
, March 9 06:59 PM 0
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Нужно очень много света, пространства и чистый пол) Поэтому - таки Джорджия О’Киф. А по факту - два рабочих стола в двух комнатках.
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