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Ivan Osipenko
Saint Petersburg, Russia, 49 years old
    Hieronymus Bosch. Visions of the underworld (Blessed and cursed)
    Hieronymus Bosch. Judgment
      Hieronymus Bosch. The seven deadly sins and the four last things
      Hieronymus Bosch. The hay
        Hieronymus Bosch. Christ Carrying the Cross
        Hieronymus Bosch. Ship of fools
        Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn. The descent from the cross
        The descent from the cross
        Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn
        1634, 158×117 cm
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          Peter Paul Rubens. The descent from the cross. The Central part of the triptych
          Peter Paul Rubens. Bacchus
            Francisco Goya. A series of gloomy paintings. Saturn devouring his children
            Peter Paul Rubens. Saturn devouring his son
              Francisco Goya. "He stretched" (Series "Caprichos", page 17)
              Francisco Goya. "They already have a seat" (Series "Caprichos", page 26)
                Francisco Goya. Man on a swing
                Francisco Goya. Witches' Sabbath
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