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Auction Europe of XVIII - XX century

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Dear friends, well, or just the visitors of my page, I offer a new collection of the unique paintings that can be purchased at sravnitelno competitive prices. If you have any questions or predlozheniia at a price not…
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Unknown artist. Meeting men
Meeting men
Unknown artist
1890, 3.7×3.1 cm
Unknown artist. The Child Jesus
The Child Jesus
Unknown artist
1760-th , 30×40 cm
Elijah Rantz.. Jakoberval, Augsburg.
Jakoberval, Augsburg.
Elijah Rantz.
1944, 35×27 cm
Unknown artist. Flight Munchausen on the core
Flight Munchausen on the core
Unknown artist
1960-th , 40×30 cm
Unknown artist. Munchausen on the hunt
Munchausen on the hunt
Unknown artist
1960-th , 40×30 cm
Franz Alekseevich Roubaud. Circassian Cossacks in the steppe
Circassian Cossacks in the steppe
Franz Alekseevich Roubaud
1880-th , 30×50 cm
Unknown artist. Girl in front of the mirror
Girl in front of the mirror
Unknown artist
36×28 cm
Unknown artist. Girl with a Thread
Girl with a Thread
Unknown artist
1900, 60×80×3 cm
Persian. In the Gulf of the Volga river
In the Gulf of the Volga river
1987, 50×40 cm
Alexander Osipovich Orel. Drunk peasants
Drunk peasants
Alexander Osipovich Orel
1790, 40×35 cm


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