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Mariya Muravevskaya
Mariya Muravevskaya
Moscow, 49 years old
    Georges Braque. Still life with fish
    Georges Braque. Hesiod
      Edward Hopper. The Home Of The Raiders
      Edward Hopper. Night window
        Edward Hopper. Blue night
        Edward Hopper. Theatre Sheridan
          Edward Hopper. Gas
          Edward Hopper. Evening on Cape cod
            Edward Hopper. Early Sunday morning
            Edward Hopper. Seven in the morning
            Edward Hopper
            Waiting at the window
            Cars and stones
            Tugboat at Boulevard Saint-Michel
            The first row of the orchestra
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              Piet Mondrian. A Dutch farmer
              Piet Mondrian. Dutch girl
                Piet Mondrian. Composition No. 3: color box
                Piet Mondrian. Composition with color planes 1
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