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Anastasiya Manyukova
Lipetsk, 18 years old
Nicola Poussin
Apollo and Daphne
The Birth Of Bacchus
Rest on the flight into Egypt
The Death Of Sapphires
Arcadian shepherds
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    Kuzma Sergeevich Petrov-Vodkin
    In Shuvalov
    The bathing of the red horse. Fragment
    Portrait of the artist's wife
    Apple with cherry
    Michelangelo Buonarroti
    The Creation Of Adam
    The Sistine chapel. The painted ceiling. Snippet: the Fall and Expulsion from Paradise
    The Sistine Chapel. The painted ceiling. Snippet: Adam
    The Libyan sibyl (sketch)
      Karl Pavlovich Bryullov
      Narcissus looking into the water
      Portrait of Grigory and Varvara Olenin.
      M. I. Glinka at the piano
      Portrait of sculptor Ivan Vitali
      Michelangelo Merisi de Caravaggio
      Saint Jerome Writing
      The Burial Of St. Lucia. Fragment
      Seven acts of mercy
      The Seven Acts of Mercy
      Saint Jerome Writing
        Titian Vecelli
        Portrait Of Fabrizio Calvaresi
        Diana and Callisto
        Perseus and Andromeda
        Venus and Adonis
        Sandro Botticelli
        The Annunciation
        The Altar Bardi
        The adoration of the Magi
        The return of Judith to Vitaliy
        Mystical Christmas
          Mikhail Vrubel
          Self-portrait with a pearl shell
          Water lilies
          Flying Demon
          Girl against a Persian carpet
          Valentin Aleksandrovich Serov
          Portrait Of N. A. Morozov
          In the winter
          Girl with peaches (Portrait of V. S. Mamontova)
          Girl with peaches. Fragment
          Portrait Of M. N. Yermolova. Fragment
            Edvard Munch
            Reclining Nude
            August Strindberg
            Self-portrait on the background wall of the house
            Working with the child
            The voice (Summer night)
            Victor Mikhailovich Vasnetsov
            Portrait of the artist Arkhip Kuinji
            Bouquet. Abramtsevo
            Portrait Of Helena Adrianovna Prahovo
            Portrait Of Vera Mamontova Sauverny
            Portrait Of Elizabeth Grigorievna Mamontova
              Raphael Sanzio
              The altar of baloni, Central part, predella with images of the cardinal virtues. Love and two angels
              The altar of baloni, Central part, predella with images of the cardinal virtues. Hope and two angels
              The altar of baloni, Central part, predella with images of the cardinal virtues. Faith and two angels
              Portrait of Maddalena Doni, nee. Strozzi
              Portrait of Pope Leo X with cardinals Giulio de ' Medici and Luigi dei Rossi. Fragment
              Peter Paul Rubens
              Three Graces
              Tournament near the castle
              The adoration of the Magi
              Portrait Of Isabella Brant
              A cycle of paintings for Marie de Medici, the French Queen. Prosperity of France under the Regency of Marie de Medici, sketch
                Leonardo da Vinci
                The last supper. Fragment
                The Madonna of the carnation (detail)
                Nude study for the figure of John the Baptist
                Figure of a standing naked man
                Lady with an ermine. Cecilia (Cecilia) Gallerani
                Paul Gauguin
                Landscape on the island of Dominic
                Women and white horse
                Young girl with a fan
                With the sorcerer of Hiva OA
                Riders on the coast
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