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Molly West
Moscow, 20 years old
Leonardo da Vinci. The reverse side of the portrait of Ginevra de Benchi
The reverse side of the portrait of Ginevra de Benchi
Leonardo da Vinci
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    Anthony van Dyck
    Triple portrait of Charles I, king of England
    The vision of the blessed Herman Joseph
    Drunken Silenus supported by satyrs
    Cupid and Psyche
    Sketches of a sleeping woman
    Michelangelo Merisi de Caravaggio
    Saint Jerome Writing
    The Burial Of St. Lucia. Fragment
    Seven acts of mercy
    The Seven Acts of Mercy
    Saint Jerome Writing
      Norman Rockwell
      Saying Grace
      A girl running in the rain with the canvas
      Scout came to the rescue
      The four freedoms: Freedom of religion
      Tattoo artist. Cover for the magazine "The Saturday Evening Post" (March 4, 1944)
      Valentin Aleksandrovich Serov
      Portrait Of N. A. Morozov
      In the winter
      Girl with peaches (Portrait of V. S. Mamontova)
      Girl with peaches. Fragment
      Portrait Of M. N. Yermolova. Fragment
        Mikhail Vrubel
        Self-portrait with a pearl shell
        Water lilies
        Flying Demon
        Girl against a Persian carpet
        Sandro Botticelli
        The Annunciation
        The Altar Bardi
        The adoration of the Magi
        The return of Judith to Vitaliy
        Mystical Christmas
          Victor Mikhailovich Vasnetsov
          Portrait of the artist Arkhip Kuinji
          Bouquet. Abramtsevo
          Portrait Of Helena Adrianovna Prahovo
          Portrait Of Vera Mamontova Sauverny
          Portrait Of Elizabeth Grigorievna Mamontova
          Konstantin Makovsky
          Portrait of Governor-General of Eastern Siberia count N. N. Muravyov-Amursky
          Female portrait
          Portrait of Countess Maria Yegorovna Orlova-Davydova
          The children of Mr. Balashov
            Ivan Ivanovich Shishkin
            The jungle
            On the shore of the sea. A sketch for the painting "off the coast of the Gulf of Finland (Adrias near Narva)"
            The Swiss landscape. A variant of the painting "View near Dusseldorf"
            Dubrovy the woods in a gray day
            Titian Vecelli
            Portrait Of Fabrizio Calvaresi
            Diana and Callisto
            Perseus and Andromeda
            Venus and Adonis
              Isaac Levitan
              A stormy day
              Evening. Golden Plyos
              Eternal rest. A sketch of the same picture
              After the rain. Ples
              Leonardo da Vinci
              The last supper. Fragment
              The Madonna of the carnation (detail)
              Nude study for the figure of John the Baptist
              Figure of a standing naked man
              Lady with an ermine. Cecilia (Cecilia) Gallerani
                David Hockney
                The photographer and his daughter
                Jonathan Silver
                Self-portrait with Charlie
                John Fitzherbert
                Billy Wilder
                René Magritte
                Forbidden world
                The legend of the centuries
                Evening dress