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Evgeniya Borovkova
Evgeniya Borovkova
22 years old art connoisseur
Lesser Ury
At the station Friedrichstrasse
Unter den Linden after the rain
Night lighting
Leipzig street
The café "Bauer"
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    Albert Birštadt
    Lake Tahoe
    The salmon fishing on the river Cascapedia
    A river landscape. Night over the valley
    Rocky mountains, lander peak
    Deer at sunset
    Robert Bateman
    Plot 47
    Plot 46
    Owl on the branch
    Plot 45
    Plot 44
      Giovanni Boldini
      Portrait of Lady Colin Campbell, nee Gertrude Elizabeth Blat
      Woman in a black hat with a veil
      Portrait of Emiliana Concha de Oss
      In the garden. Adelaide and Ottavio Banti
      Portrait of Lina Bilitis with two Pekingese
      Ohara Koson
      Plot 12
      The plot 11
      Plot 10
      Plot 9
      Jan Vermeer
      Girl with a pearl necklace
      Little street in Delft
      Girl with a pearl earring

      Natalia Lyublinskaya
      Natalia Lyublinskaya
      , October 31, 2015 07:41 PM 1
      Original   Auto-Translated
      благодаря знакомству с работами Веермеера и книге Дины Рубиной я поехала в Дельфт, я получила несказанное удовольствие, да и фильм Девушка с жемчужной сережкой тоже очень хорош
      Mukhabbat Malaeva
      , November 1, 2016 07:02 PM 0
      Original   Auto-Translated
      Замечательный фильм!Всем рекомендую погрузиться в эпоху 16 века!
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        Michelangelo Buonarroti
        The Creation Of Adam
        The Sistine chapel. The painted ceiling. Snippet: the Fall and Expulsion from Paradise
        The Sistine Chapel. The painted ceiling. Snippet: Adam
        The Libyan sibyl (sketch)
        Vasily Vasilyevich Vereshchagin
        The Himalayas in the evening. Etude
        At the fortress wall. "Let him come"
        The Taj Mahal in Agra
        A rich Kyrgyz hunter with a Falcon
        Looking for
          Joseph Mallord William Turner
          Dogana and Santa Maria della Salute in Venice
          Venice San Benedetto with view of the estuary channel
          Dawn after the wreck
          View of Bellinzona from the South-East
          Rockets and blue lights to warn ships about the shallow waters
          Max Ernst
          Sunday guests
          The sun and the forest
          Gala Dali
          Portrait of a young woman
            Sandro Botticelli
            The Annunciation
            The Altar Bardi
            The adoration of the Magi
            The return of Judith to Vitaliy
            Mystical Christmas
            Maurits Cornelis Escher
            Temple of Segeste, Sicily
            Path of Life III
            A meeting
              Edouard Manet
              A bouquet of lilacs
              Portrait of Madame Michel-levy
              House in Rule
              Corner of the garden at Bellevue
              Victor Mikhailovich Vasnetsov
              Portrait of the artist Arkhip Kuinji
              Bouquet. Abramtsevo
              Portrait Of Helena Adrianovna Prahovo
              Portrait Of Vera Mamontova Sauverny
              Portrait Of Elizabeth Grigorievna Mamontova
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