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    Frida Kahlo
    The Deceased Dimas
    Self Portrait - The Frame
    Sleep (Bed)
    Self portrait with monkeys
    Ohara Koson
    Plot 12
    The plot 11
    Plot 10
    Plot 9
      Frida Kahlo. Self-portrait with a portrait of Diego on the breast and Maria between the eyebrows
      Frida Kahlo. Sleep (Bed)
        Frida Kahlo. There hangs my dress
        Frida Kahlo. Self Portrait as a Tehuana
          Frida Kahlo. What the water gave me
          Frida Kahlo. Self-portrait
            Vincent van Gogh. Starry night
            Frida Kahlo. Broken column
            Claude Monet. Arch to the West from Etretat
            Arch to the West from Etretat
            Claude Monet
            1883, 65.4×81.3 cm
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              Claude Monet. Sunset over the Seine in Lavacore. Winter effect
              Claude Monet. The Rouen Cathedral at Noon
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