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Anastasiya Avsyuk
22 years old
Richard Lindner. Plot 69
Richard Lindner. Plot 68
Richard Lindner. Plot 67
Richard Lindner. Plot 66
Richard Lindner. The boy and the machine
Richard Lindner. Plot 56
Richard Lindner. Plot 55
Richard Lindner. Plot 52
Richard Lindner. Plot 49
Richard Lindner. Plot 39
Richard Lindner. Plot 36
Richard Lindner. Plot 32
Richard Lindner. Disneyland
Richard Lindner. Plot 21
Richard Lindner. Plot 8
Richard Lindner. Plot 6
Richard Lindner
Plot 69
Plot 68
Plot 67
Plot 66
Plot 65
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Edvard Munch
Reclining Nude
August Strindberg
Self-portrait on the background wall of the house
Working with the child
The voice (Summer night)
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Egon Schiele. Portrait of Wally
Egon Schiele. Self-portrait with Physalis
Egon Schiele. The Embrace (Lovers)
Egon Schiele. Self-portrait
Egon Schiele. Girl on her knees, leaning on his elbows
Egon Schiele. Death and the maiden
Egon Schiele. Sexual intercourse
Egon Schiele. Blind mother
Egon Schiele. Seated Nude
Egon Schiele. Portrait of Frederica Maria Beer
Egon Schiele. The facade of the house (Windows)
Egon Schiele. The agony
Egon Schiele. The tree in the autumn wind
Egon Schiele. Bedroom Schiele in Neulengbach
Egon Schiele. Sitting Nude
Francis Bacon. The sketch for three heads
Francis Bacon. ThreeStudies of Isabel Rawsthorne
Francis Bacon. The figure in the landscape
Francis Bacon. Man in blue
Francis Bacon. Sketch for innocent X
Francis Bacon. Triptych in memory of George Dyer. Fragment
Francis Bacon. Studyfor a portrait 
Francis Bacon. Study of Innocent X
Francis Bacon. Sand dune
Francis Bacon. Three Figures and Portrait
Francis Bacon. Study for Portrait of Lucian Freud
Francis Bacon. Study for a Portrait
Francis Bacon. Self-portrait with injured eye
Francis Bacon. Study For Portrait (Michel Leiris)
Francis Bacon. Portrait of Pope Innocent X
Francis Bacon. Three sketches for a portrait by Lucian Freud. Triptych
Lucien Freud
Nude man with rat
Horse lover
The artist
The guy on the balcony
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