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After Bertha

Marc Chagall. Window to the sky
Window to the sky
Marc Chagall
1957, 73×91.7 cm
Marc Chagall. The Tree Of Jesse
The Tree Of Jesse
Marc Chagall
1960, 150.5×120.2 cm
Marc Chagall. Marriage
Marc Chagall
1979, 110×80 cm
Marc Chagall. Blue tree
Blue tree
Marc Chagall
1958, 61.3×50 cm
Marc Chagall. Bouquet of carnations and lovers on a green background
Bouquet of carnations and lovers on a green background
Marc Chagall
1950, 79.7×58.4 cm
Marc Chagall. Lovers in Saint-Paul-de-Vence
Lovers in Saint-Paul-de-Vence
Marc Chagall
1957, 72.5×99.5 cm
Marc Chagall. Lovers in the red sky
Lovers in the red sky
Marc Chagall
1950, 65.1×66.4 cm
Marc Chagall. Green night
Green night
Marc Chagall
1952, 72×60 cm
Marc Chagall. Lovers in the moonlight
Lovers in the moonlight
Marc Chagall
1949, 23.7×28.5 cm
Marc Chagall. The bride under the canopy
The bride under the canopy
Marc Chagall
1949, 115×95 cm
Marc Chagall. The triumph of music
The triumph of music
Marc Chagall
1967, 110×90 cm
Marc Chagall. David and Bathsheba
David and Bathsheba
Marc Chagall
1963, 180×96 cm
Marc Chagall. The lovers and the red rooster
The lovers and the red rooster
Marc Chagall
1950, 71×87 cm
Marc Chagall. Artist
Marc Chagall
1976, 65×54 cm
Marc Chagall. Night
Marc Chagall
1953, 145.3×113.6 cm
Marc Chagall. Song of songs III
Song of songs III
Marc Chagall
1960, 149×210 cm
Marc Chagall. Dance II
Dance II
Marc Chagall. Avenue Opera
Avenue Opera
Marc Chagall. Nocturne (Night Scene)
Nocturne (Night Scene)
Marc Chagall
1947, 89×72 cm
Marc Chagall. Artist and His Bride
Artist and His Bride
Marc Chagall
1980, 116×88 cm


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