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Elena Siroid


44 years old
• art connoisseur
Igor Alexandrovich Popov. In our yard
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Winter mood
A flock of first-graders please speak about the picture. Leafing through a tablet to give them a discussion. But here comes the eight-year-old Kolya (he is the oldest in the company, he was sent to school from the age of seven, and not from six, so the rest of the kids appreciate his authoritative opinion).
Kolya: And show something winter! This year there was no winter at all. So insulting. Show me that picture ... you know? My parents laughed at her on the phone. “When they turned off the Internet” is called. And there are still a lot of people on the street. Everyone is happy ...
I recall last year’s meme with Igor Popov’s work “In Our Yard”. Showing to children.
Kolya: Exactly! That's her. Actually, in the entertainment centers is also fun, but I would like to go for a drive on a hill anyway ...
Lisa: And I like that the winter is warm. My warmest jacket is not as pretty as the one I am wearing now.
Alice: Oh, a jacket! You think! Do you know that animals in the north suffer from warming? Bears I watched a movie ...
Ilya: Let's wait for frost to be in March. And snow. And ride, and bears will be easier.
This text was originally published in Russian and automatically translated to English.
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