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Sergey Kotukov
Lipetsk, 56 years old
Edgar Degas
Three dancers
Dancers in pink between the scenes
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Adrian van de Velde. Seaside in Scheveningen
Seaside in Scheveningen
Adrian van de Velde
1658, 50×74 cm
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Arent Arentz. Fishermen near the castle Muiderslot
Albert Köyp. River Landscape with Cows
Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn. Mill
Karel Fabricius. Goldfinch
Jan van Goyen. View of country road with a windmill
Jan Bruegel The Elder. Plain with windmills
Jan Steen. The Leiden Baker arent, Ostwald and his wife Katherine, Kaysersberg
Hendrik Avercamp. Windmill and frozen river
Jan Steen. Rascal family
Pieter de Hooch. The card players in the sun room
Jacob Lucas Ohterwelt. Street musicians at the door of a rich house
Jan Vermeer. Woman with scales
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