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Ekaterina Sergeevna Linevich
22 years old
Irina Viktorovna Dronova. April
Irina Viktorovna Dronova
2017, 35×50 cm
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Irina Viktorovna Dronova. Still life on the grass
Sergey Pavlovich Marchennikov. Unknown
Jacob Jordaens. "The old men sing, the young play." Fragment: dog
Irina Viktorovna Korotoyakskaya (Dronova). Winter evening
Dante Gabriel Rossetti. Lady Lilith
Lady Lilith
Dante Gabriel Rossetti
1873, 96.5×85.1 cm
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Ronald Himler. A boy with a bucket of berries and my dog
Joseph Mallord William Turner. Fishermen in the sea
Nigel and Daniel Kevin Hamming. Dog
Bet borgeson. Dog
Debi Hubbs. Dog
Berkeley Brisade. Troubled dogs 43
Pierre Bonnard. Deserted street and dog
Debi Hubbs. Man and dog
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