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Pablo Picasso. On the terrace
On the terrace
Pablo Picasso
July 1933, 40×50.2 cm
Moses Sawyer. Dancers
Moses Sawyer. Plot 1
Plot 1
Moses Sawyer. Seated girl
Seated girl
Gilbert Charles Stewart. Portrait of Mrs. Morton
Portrait of Mrs. Morton
Arkady Sergeevich Stavrovsky. Guitar and mask
Guitar and mask
Pavel Varfolomeevich Kuznetsov. Processing Artik tuff
Processing Artik tuff
Mario Sironi. The plot
The plot
Edgard Titgat. Plot 5
Plot 5
Edgard Titgat. Plot 4
Plot 4
Edgard Titgat. Plot 3
Plot 3
Edgard Titgat. Plot 1
Plot 1
Edgard Titgat. Secret love
Secret love
Edgard Titgat. In the artist's Studio
In the artist's Studio
Edgard Titgat. Plot 1
Plot 1
Edgard Titgat. Sketch
Edgard Titgat. In the reception room of the monastery
In the reception room of the monastery


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