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On MAY 9! The Victory Day!

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Heliy Mikhailovich Korzhev. During the war
During the war
Heliy Mikhailovich Korzhev
1950, 180×156 cm
Alexey Petrovich Tkachev. Autumn of 1941. The soldier
Autumn of 1941. The soldier
Alexey Tkachev. Between battles
Between battles
Ivan Alexandrovich Babenko. Waiting 1945
Waiting 1945
Yuri Mikhailovich Neprintsev. Rest after the battle
Rest after the battle
Alexander Mikhailovich Lopukhov. Victory
Victor Konstantinovich Dmitrievsky. Song for the winners
Song for the winners
Victor Konstantinovich Dmitrievsky. In the second tier
In the second tier
Victor Konstantinovich Dmitrievsky. Last night
Last night
Victor Konstantinovich Dmitrievsky. Victory day
Victory day
Vladimir Victorovich Manikin. Victory
Vladimir Victorovich Manikin
XX century, 84×113 cm
Alexander Alexandrovich Deineka. The Outskirts Of Moscow. November 1941
The Outskirts Of Moscow. November 1941
Petr Aleksandrovich Krivonogov. Do not forget, not forgive
Do not forget, not forgive
Petr Aleksandrovich Krivonogov
1942, 250×187 cm
Petr Aleksandrovich Krivonogov. Surrender
Peter Krivonogov. The fight
The fight


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