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Sophie Jeanjambre Anderson. Scheherazade
Georges Jules Victor Kairin. Women Of The East
Women Of The East
Georges Jules Victor Kairin
XIX century, 73×54 cm
Adolf Force. Favorite
Adolf Force
1883, 72×98 cm
Giuseppe Guidi. Favorite parrot
Favorite parrot
Giuseppe Guidi
XX century
Maria Antonio Costa. Music
Maria Antonio Costa
XIX century
Leon Francois Comerre. Odalisque
Leon Francois Comerre
XIX century
John Frederick Lewis. The first wife in the harem
The first wife in the harem
John Frederick Lewis
XIX century
Emil Werne-Lekomt. The Berber
The Berber
Vincent Stepevich. Favorite
Vincent Stepevich
XIX century
Maria Antonio Costa. Gift favorite
Gift favorite
Maria Antonio Costa
XIX century
Georges Jules Victor Kairin. Eastern dancer
Eastern dancer
Jean-François Portals. Eastern beauty
Eastern beauty
Jean-François Portals. Oriental beauty
Oriental beauty
Rudolph Ernst. Favorite
Rudolph Ernst
XIX century
Victor Julius Berger. In the harem
In the harem
Victor Julius Berger
XIX century, 50.2×63.5 cm
Victor Julius Berger. Charmed by the music
Charmed by the music
Victor Julius Berger
XIX century
Victor Julius Berger. Pasha entertainment
Pasha entertainment
Victor Julius Berger
1897, 49.6×63.5 cm
Rudolph Ernst. Captive
Rudolph Ernst
XX century
Jean-Leon Jerome. After swimming
After swimming
Jean-Leon Jerome
XIX century, 66.7×82.6 cm
Leon Francois Comerre. Oriental beauty
Oriental beauty
Leon Francois Comerre
XIX century, 98.4×131.4 cm


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