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41 years old
Paul Signac. Le Port au soleil couchant, Opus 236 (Saint-Tropez)
Paul Signac. Ship
Paul Signac. Sailboats in the Harbor of Les Sables-d'olonne
Paul Signac. Mast
Paul Signac. The Port Of La Rochelle
Paul Signac. The port of Croix-de-Vie
Paul Signac. The Harbor in Marseille
Paul Signac bought his first sailboat in 1883 and he named it “Manet - Zola - Wagner”. Signac was not only an amazing painter, but he also understood and loved literature, was friends with many writers. During his life, Paul Signac changed 32 sailing boats. He loved travelling, and his boats did not stand still. Signac prefered to paint seascapes not from the coast, but from the sea. Even his death found him almost on a journey - in the 72nd year of age, almost immediately upon his return from Corsica. And it was on this day, November 11th, back in 1863 when this outstanding French Neo-Impressionist painter was born!
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