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41 years old
Marc Chagall. Cow with parasol
A six-year-old girl describes Marc Chagall's "Cow with a Parasol":
- Wow !!! What a cute unicorn! This is a magical bull with flowers in its wings and a girl on its tail. She can turn into a tail. She was just bewitched. She should become herself at sunset and her son will be born.
- And what else can you see in the picture?
- The cow is holding flowers that can unspell.
- And who is there, under the cow?
- There is an evil wizard who turned into a ghost. And the cow ... the bull ... If you step on it three times with your hoof, then knock, say a magic spell, push it into a magic cave, and throw flowers - it will step on the flowers and the spell will be broken!
- Tell me, why does the cow need an umbrella?
- This is a magic umbrella! It causes rain.
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