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Tanya Izvarina
Tanya Izvarina
Kharkiv, 41 years old
About me
Люблю искусство. Живопись , классическую музыку.
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This is the story of a real, long, passionate love affair, which took place at the end of the 19th century not in Paris, but in the mind and hearts of two brilliant artists.  Édouard Manet and  Berthe Morisot could not be together, since they were bound by obligations, moral principles and personal beliefs. And in the end, they created their own artistic dimension, in which they found freedom…
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Pablo Picasso. Mother and child on the coast
Mother and child on the coast
Pablo Picasso
1902, 82×60 cm
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Pablo Picasso. Melancholic woman
Pablo Picasso. Family of acrobats with monkey
Jan Vermeer. Milkmaid
Pablo Picasso. Two sisters
Domenico Theotokopoulos (El Greco). View Of Toledo
Jan Vermeer. The lady standing at virginal
Jan van Eyck. The Madonna and child at the fountain
Jan van Eyck. The Ghent altarpiece. The virgin (fragment)
Fra Beato Angelico. Altar of San Domenico "Coronation of the Virgin"
Jan van Eyck. The Dresden triptych. Saint Catherine of Alexandria (detail)
Giotto di Bondone. Lamentation of Christ. Scenes from the life of Christ
Fra Beato Angelico. The Last Judgment (triptych)
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