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Franz Marc. Yellow cow
Yellow cow
Franz Marc
1911, 140×189 cm
Franz Marc. Red and blue horse
Red and blue horse
Franz Marc
1912, 26×34 cm
Haim Solomonovich Soutine. Beef carcass
Beef carcass
Haim Solomonovich Soutine
1924, 116.2×80.6 cm
Haim Solomonovich Soutine. Carcass
Haim Solomonovich Soutine
1920, 81×50 cm
Haim Solomonovich Soutine. Chickens on white cloth
Chickens on white cloth
Haim Solomonovich Soutine
1925, 51.8×62.9 cm
Ernst Ludwig Kirchner. Evening patrol
Evening patrol
Ernst Ludwig Kirchner
1915, 50×59 cm
Ernst Ludwig Kirchner. Street scene
Street scene
Ernst Ludwig Kirchner
1922, 70×38 cm
Oskar Kokoschka. A lion
A lion
Oskar Kokoschka
1926, 96×129 cm
Oskar Kokoschka. Morabito
Oskar Kokoschka. The power of music
The power of music
Oskar Kokoschka
1918, 102×150 cm
Oskar Kokoschka. Prayer
Oskar Kokoschka
1914, 41×27 cm
Wassily Kandinsky. Munich
Wassily Kandinsky
1901, 23.5×32.8 cm
Franz Marc. Female Nude
Female Nude
Franz Marc
1909, 89×60 cm
Francisco Goya. "Love and death" (Series "Caprichos", page 10)
"Love and death" (Series "Caprichos", page 10)
Francisco Goya
1799, 21.5×15.2 cm
Ernst Ludwig Kirchner. Sick
Ernst Ludwig Kirchner
1920, 90×100 cm
Francisco Goya. Two women and a man
Two women and a man
Francisco Goya
1823, 125×66 cm
Francisco Goya. Dance on the Banks of the Manzanares
Dance on the Banks of the Manzanares
Francisco Goya
1777, 27.2×29.5 cm
Francisco Goya. Dead Turkey
Dead Turkey
Francisco Goya
1812, 45×62 cm
Ernst Ludwig Kirchner. Street scene
Street scene
Ernst Ludwig Kirchner
1913, 120×91 cm
Ernst Ludwig Kirchner. Berlin Street Scene
Berlin Street Scene
Ernst Ludwig Kirchner
1914, 121×95 cm


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