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Elena Proskurina
Moscow, 18 years old
Marc Chagall. Over the city
Over the city
Marc Chagall
1918, 141×197 cm
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Edvard Munch
Reclining Nude
August Strindberg
Self-portrait on the background wall of the house
Working with the child
The voice (Summer night)
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    Henri Matisse. Dance (II)
    Kazimir Malevich. Haymaking
      Leonardo da Vinci
      The last supper. Fragment
      The Madonna of the carnation (detail)
      Nude study for the figure of John the Baptist
      Figure of a standing naked man
      Lady with an ermine. Cecilia (Cecilia) Gallerani
      Victor Mikhailovich Vasnetsov
      Portrait of the artist Arkhip Kuinji
      Bouquet. Abramtsevo
      Portrait Of Helena Adrianovna Prahovo
      Portrait Of Vera Mamontova Sauverny
      Portrait Of Elizabeth Grigorievna Mamontova
      Albrecht Durer
      Head of a bearded baby
      Portrait Of Jacob Muffel
      Portrait Of Johannes Of Kleberger
      Portrait Of Jerome Of Galssware
      Portrait of a man
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        Henri Matisse
        Pink nude
        Sleeping nude from the back
        Sunflowers in a vase
        The lady on the terrace
        René Magritte
        Forbidden world
        The legend of the centuries
        Evening dress
          Vincent van Gogh. Bedroom in Arles (first version)
          Gustave Caillebotte. Paris. Rainy day
          Nikolay Petrovich Bogdanov-Belsky. Birthday teacher