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Mary Dragan
Saint Petersburg, Russia
    Gustav Klimt. Blooming garden
    Gustav Klimt. Spruce forest II
    Gustav Klimt. Orchard with Roses
    Gustav Klimt. The pond in the castle Kammer on Attersee lake
    Gustav Klimt. Castle Kammer on lake Attersee IV
      Edouard Manet. Bar at the Folies-bergère
      Edgar Degas. Concert in the music hall
      Charles Hoffbauer. Dinner on the Roof
      Dinner on the Roof
      Charles Hoffbauer
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      Charles Hoffbauen. Cars
      Charles Hoffbauen
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        Alfred Henry Maurer. In a cafe
        Jean Edouard Vuillard. The Yellow Curtain
        Jean Edouard Vuillard. Interior
        Jean Edouard Vuillard. Sunny morning. Lucy Hessel and Denise Natanson in the garden at Le Pavillons, Villerville
        Jean Edouard Vuillard. Breakfast at Villerville
          Rockwell Kent. Red evening. sunset. The view from Ashore
          Rockwell Kent. Christian graves
          Rockwell Kent. Stack Dan Ward. Ireland
          Toni Minarz. The output from the Moulin Rouge
            Mary Dragan
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            John William Waterhouse. My sweet rose (Soul of rose)
            Jean-Michel Basquiat. Riding on death
            Lucien Freud. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II
            Alphonse Mucha. The lady of the camellias. Promotional poster for Sarah Bernhardt
            Frida Kahlo. Two Fridas
            Rockwell Kent. Stroll. Ireland. Donegal
            Rockwell Kent. Toilers of the sea
            Rockwell Kent. Winter. Island Monhegan
              Max Lieberman. Linen manufactory in Lorena (flax Spinners)
              Max Lieberman. Dutch school of sewing