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Aleksandr Andreevich Derkach
19 years old art connoisseur
About me
Любитель искусства и заядлый гик, узнающий мир со всех сторон.
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Аттрактивизм - направление в современном искусстве
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Художественная роспись стен потолков интерьера
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Продаём и говорим!
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продаж картин
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    Konstantin Fedorovich Yuon
    Rostov cathedrals
    Old Moscow
    The end of winter
    Romain Tirtoff
    Laziness. The series "Seven deadly sins"
    Pearl Of The Orient. A Series Of "Scheherazade"
    Prisoner of love
    Emerald Eyes
    Mikalojus Konstantinas Ciurlionis
    From the series "the Creation"
    Raigardas. Triptych
    From the series "Zodiac Signs". Sagittarius
    Sonata of the sea. Allegro
      Kitagawa Utamaro
      Girl blowing a whistle
      The Hour Of The Horse
      An hour of rain
      Women make dresses 1-Triptych
      Tsukioka Yoshitoshi
      Drinking girl. The series "24 hours"
      Minamoto-but Arimitsu and an earth spider. The series "New forms of thirty six ghosts"
      Mannered geisha of the Meiji period. Series "32 the feminine face of everyday life"
      A housewife of the period, Bunsei undergoing treatment cautery. Series "32 the feminine face of everyday life"
      The girl with the cat. The series "24 hours"
      Utagawa Kunisada
      Taira-no Tadamori
      Triptych: The Artisans. From the series "Four bar"
      Crab and peony
      The Kabuki actors Ichikawa, Danjuro VII and Bando, Mitsugoro III
      The Kabuki actors Ichikawa, Danjuro VII and Iwai, Colesburg
        Alexandra Exter
        Constructive still-life
        The movement of colors in design
        The Servant Gregorio. Costume design for the play "Romeo and Juliet" by William Shakespeare. Moscow Chamber theatre
        The cover of the book I Tugendhold "Art of Degas". Moscow. Publishing House Of Z. I. Grebenkina
        Juliet. Costume design for the play "Romeo and Juliet" by William Shakespeare. Moscow Chamber theatre
        Utagawa Kuniyoshi
        The cat dressed as a woman pushing against the head of the octopus
        Oiwa. A fragment of a scene from "Ghost Oivi"
        47 loyal samurai. Obosi, Kuranosuke Yoshio, sitting on a folding chair, holding the drum stick and the supporting shoulder spear
        47 loyal samurai. Obosi Rice, Astana, standing with lowered spear
        47 loyal samurai. I Amosite, Norikane with a spear in his hand, drinking from porcelain bowls
        Генрих Ипполитович Семирадский
        Christ with Martha and Mary
        Christ and the sinner
        Funeral noble virus in Bulgar
        Christ and the Samaritan woman
          Michelangelo Merisi de Caravaggio. Ecstasy of saint francis
          Titian Vecelli. Abduction of Europe
            David Davidovich Burliuk
            Portrait of the futurist poet V. A. Kamensky
            Landscape with a house
            Blue horse
            Spring in the village
            Aristarkh Vasilyevich Lentulov
            Night at Patriarshiye ponds
            The sun above the roofs. Sunset
            Landscape with a white house and yellow gate
            Landscape with a monastery wall
            Nizhny Novgorod
            Mary Cassatt
            Baby bathing
            Girls picking fruit
            Mother and child
            Lydia Cesset in bonnet and coat
            Susan in Tok, decorated with two roses
            Alexander Yakovlevich Golovin
            Portrait Of E. F. Gollerbakh
            Portrait of L. Y. Rybakova with her daughter Olga
            Self-portrait on the background of the Golden shawl
            Portrait Of N. E. Dobychina
            Portrait Of Olga Rybakova
            Robert Rafailovich Falk
            Crimean landscape
            Still life with fish
            Red furniture
            Portrait of a man
            Alexander Andreevich Ivanov
            The Appian way at sunset
            Olive-tree at the cemetery in Albano. New moon
            On the shore of the Bay of Naples
              Ivan Yakovlevich Bilibin
              Astrologer. Costume Design for the Opera by N. Rimsky-Korsakov "The Golden Cockerel"
              Title page to the article by I. Ya. Bilibin "Folk art of the Russian North" in the magazine "World of Art"
              Dadonovo army. U-turn. Illustration to "The Tale of the Golden Cockerel" by A. S. Pushkin. Fragment
              So passes worldly glory. Picture for the magazine "bogey"
              Donkey in the 20th part of the actual size. Magazine "Bugbear" № 3, 1906
              Gerrit (Gerard) Dow
              Old teacher
              The soldiers in the guardroom
              An old woman with a book (Mother Rembrandt)
              The patient (Woman with the dropsy)
              Portrait of a man
              Joshua Reynolds
              Portrait of Admiral Lord Heathfield, Governor of Gibraltar
              Portrait of Colonel George C. G. Kausmeyker
              Col. John Haze St. Ledge
              Portrait of Sarah Siddons as a Muse of Tragedy
              Lady jane holliday
                Andrea Mantegna
                Madonna with the saints
                Portrait of cardinal Carlo de' Medici
                The altar of the Church of San Zeno in Verona, triptych, right wing. STS. Benedict, Lawrence, Gregory and John the Baptist
                Georges Seurat
                Channel Graveline, a Large Fort-Philippe
                The tower and sea view in port-EN-Bessin
                Women on the shore
                Fort Samson in Grandcamp, sketch
                Antoine Watteau
                Sign shop Gers
                Pilgrimage to the island of Kythira (the first option)
                A lesson of love
                Sign shop Gers. Fragment
                Seated young woman in a shirt
                Pieter de Hooch
                Parent responsibilities
                Courtyard in Delft
                The dice
                Woman reading a letter
                Dutch court
                Francesco Parmigianino
                Bathing Diana
                Portrait of a young lady, called "Anthea"
                Madonna enthroned, St. Zechariah, St. John the Baptist and Mary Magdalene
                The Madonna with the long neck, detail: Head of Madonna
                Madonna with a rose
                France Hals
                Portrait of a seated man in a hat, dressed on one side, right hand resting on the back of a chair
                Portrait of a seated man in a hat, dressed on one side
                Portrait Of Stephen Geerards
                Portrait Of Willem Kooijmans
                Portrait of a seated woman with white gloves in his right hand
                Jan Bruegel The Elder
                Village scene
                Forest landscape with peasants in a boat
                Landscape with forge
                The wedding feast
                Village street
                Eugene Boudin
                The Atlantic coast near Benerville
                The Piazza San Marco in Venice
                The fishing harbour
                They say in Deauville
                The beach at Trouville
                Alexey Gavrilovich Venetsianov
                On the arable land. Spring
                Portrait of Kirill Ivanovich Golovachevsky, inspector of the Academy of fine arts, with three pupils
                Portrait of A. A. Venetsianova, daughter of the artist
                The girl with the accordion
                The boy with the horn
                Carlo Crivelli
                Coronation of the Virgin Mary
                St. George and the dragon. The altar of the family, Odoni, right wing at the base of the altar
                Madonna on the throne. Altar Triptych Camerino, the central part
                The Annunciation. Altar triptych, right top
                Saint Anthony The Abbot, St. Jerome, St. Andrew. Altar triptych, right wing at the base of the altar
                Domenico Girlandajo
                The meeting of Mary and Elizabeth
                Portrait of an old man with his grandson
                Portrait of Giovanna Tornabuoni
                The meeting of Mary and Elizabeth
                Gustave Moreau
                Jupiter and Semela
                Death sappho
                Phenomenon. Salome and the head of John the Baptist
                Willem de Kuning
                Valentine's day
                Untitled (Two women)
                Standing man
                Woman. Fragment
                Ernst Ludwig Kirchner
                Reclining Nude before a mirror
                Girl with Japanese umbrella
                Mountain Unterboden
                Self-portrait in soldier's uniform
                Gabrielle Metsu
                The cook at work
                The patient and the doctor
                Nikolay Petrovich Bogdanov-Belsky
                Balinova. Latgale landscape
                Future monk
                Reading the letter
                Cooking lessons
                Guido Reni
                The Death Of Lucretia
                SV. Sebastian
                SV. Joseph
                Madonna enthroned with the saints-the patrons of Bologna: Ignatius Loyola, Petronius, Proculus of Bologna, Francis of Assisi
                The Abduction Of Helen
                Gabriele Münter
                Still life with statuettes
                Red still life
                Green house in Schwabing
                In the boat
                Grant Wood
                Artist with palette
                Daughters of the revolution
                The midnight ride Paul Revere
                Spring in the city
                Diego Maria Rivera
                Portrait of actress Matilda Palu
                At the source. Toledo
                Still life
                Hans Memling
                Flowers in a vase (the reverse side of the painting "portrait of a praying young man")
                Portrait of a young woman (Larin Morel)
                A man with a Roman coin (the Portrait of Bernardo Bembo)
                Portrait Of Maria Portinari (Maria Maddalena Baroncelli)
                Diptych The Virgin and Child and Donor Martin Niuvenhove. Right panel
                Giorgio de Chirico
                Christ during a storm
                Self portrait with palette
                Reclining Nude
                Maurice Denis
                Flying Cupid struck by the beauty of psyche
                Mother and child
                Family leave psyche on a mountain top
                Visit Mary Elizabeth
                Georges Braque
                Still life with knife
                A man with a guitar
                Table musician
                Still life with fruits
                Fernand Leger
                Cat woman
                Mother and child
                The composition with aloe
                Abram Arkhipov
                North sea
                A peasant girl
                The woman in pink
                Peasant women on the banks of the Volga
                The woman in red
                Felix Vallotton
                Portrait of Mrs. Haasen
                Landscape. Arques-La-Bataille
                Woman in black hat
                Portrait Of Gazena
                Artemisia Gentileschi
                Judith beheading Holofernes
                Self-portrait with lute
                Judith and her maid with Holofernes head
                Susanna and the Elders
                Birth of John the Baptist
                Petr Petrovich Konchalovsky
                Natasha on a chair
                Still life with red tray
                Family portrait (Siena)
                Portrait of artist Vladimir Rozhdestvensky
                Lesser Ury
                At the station Friedrichstrasse
                Unter den Linden after the rain
                Night lighting
                Leipzig street
                The café "Bauer"
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