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Andrey Kryukov
added artworks to the selection 60s
Yuri Valentinovich Tsarev. "Nine days of one year". Dir. M. Romm
Sergei Ignatievich Datskevich. "My younger brother". Dir. A. Zarkhi
Myron Vladimirovich Lukyanov. "Three plus two". Dir. G. Hovhannisyan
Petr Petrovich Kochanov. "I step through Moscow". Dir. G. Daneliya
N. Evseev A. Zolotarevsky PD. "Beware of the car". Dir. E. Ryazanov
N. A. Evseev. "Three poplars" on Plyushchikha." Dir. T. Lioznova
Vasily Igorevich Ostrovsky. "The diamond arm". Dir. L. Gaidai
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