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Alekseevna Vasilkova
born in 1992 •
Biography and information
I was born in 1992 in Moscow.
In 2012 she graduated from the Gnesins College of Music with a degree in flute.
In 2013, she decided to become an artist.
2016. Gallery "Paradise". Exhibition and sale.
2017. Moscow Public Fund of Culture, group exhibition "Spring Revival". Moscow
2017. Gallery "Paradise". Exhibition and sale.
2017. Exhibition Hall of the Ministry of Agriculture, group exhibition "Indian Summer". Moscow
2018. Central House of Artists, group exhibition "World of Women". Moscow
2018. Gallery "Paradise". Exhibition and sale.
2019. Proun Gallery. Group exhibition "art = 100"
2019. TSDR. International group exhibition "Maternity — the hope of the world."
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Tasya Alekseevna Vasilkova. Awakening
Tasya Alekseevna Vasilkova
2019-2019, 8×7 cm
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    Tasya Alekseevna Vasilkova. Sex question
    Tasya Alekseevna Vasilkova. A new message
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    May 2019, 8×7 cm
    2019, 7×8 cm
    2019, 8×7 cm
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