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born in 2000 •
artist, collector
Biography and information
every person is a universe. we live in the most amazing time in the history of mankind. my art is about that. about a man who lives in the author’s era

the author’s era is a period of history after the 1990s, when information technology opened access to the external collective brain. new technologies have opened the pandora’s box, giving an unlimited number of equal opportunities to all people

in 1990, this process began. in 2015, it became so noticeable that it was simply impossible not to notice it. this period is associated with a renaissance in all spheres of culture

history will remember this time as the beginning of a new era when creation replaced consumerism, sincerity replaced cynicism, and the attitude to life as a work of art became total

culture destroyed all the boundaries of the hierarchy and broke into 2 poles — sincerity and mainstream. the desire to create something that catches the author himself or the desire to reproduce what is temporarily popular

in my paintings I explore what feelings and feelings the author experiences in the author’s era
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    Utagawa Hiroshige
    The Village Of Minova, Kanasugi, Mikawashima. The series "100 famous views of Edo"
    Kasumigaseki. The series "100 famous views of Edo"
    The procession on the feast of the Sledge in the district of Kojimachi, on the street, Ettema
    The view from the bridge, Azumi. The series "100 famous views of Edo"
    The sanjusangendo temple, the city of Fukagawa. The series "100 famous views of Edo"
    Piet Mondrian
    In The Amstel
    The Church in Domburg
    At work
    The evening
    Posters USSR
    How did you help the front
    Great Stalin - light of communism!
    Let there always be sunshine!
    Well took!
    Help unfortunate children
    Francis Bacon
    Sketch Nude
    Sketch of three heads
    Figures in motion
    Sketch chelovecheskogo body
    Landscape with figures
    Natalia Goncharova
    Angels and airplanes. From the series "Mystical images of war"
    The Spanish flu
    In the artist's Studio
    Bathing horses
    Jacopo (Robusti) Tintoretto
    Bacchus, Venus and Ariadne
    Ascension of Christ
    Federico II Gonzaga conquers Parma
    Battle of the Tarot
    The Miracle of the Slave. The Miracle of St. Mark
    Franz Marc
    Small composition II
    Composition III
    Caliban, costume design for Shakespeare's play "the Tempest"
    The elephant, the horse, the ox. Winter
    Deer in the forest
      Katsushika Hokusai
      Bridge temple Kameido Tenjin
      Kajikazawa, province of Kai
      South wind. Clear day (Red Fuji)
      La pareja de Takasago
      Toto Aoi-ga-oka no taki
      Rothko Mark
      Untitled (Blue, yellow and green on red)
      No. 7
       No. 13. White and red on a yellow
      White center (yellow, pink and lavender on red)
      No. 10
      Mikhail Larionov
      Province Street
      Portrait of the poet Velimir Khlebnikov
      Girl at the hairdresser (Lady Hairdresser)
      Bather. Illustration from lithographed book by A. Kruchenykh "Lipstick"
      Street noise (Cityscape). Illustration for the book “Mirskonets” by A. Kruchenykh and V. Khlebnikov
      Jackson Pollock
      Full fathom Five
      Number 8
      The lunar woman
      Shimmering substance
      Kuzma Sergeevich Petrov-Vodkin
      In Shuvalov
      The bathing of the red horse. Fragment
      Portrait of the artist's wife
      Apple with cherry
      Whole feed
      Artworks by the artist
      52 artworks total · 39 offered for sale
      Denis Simonov. Aesthetics based
      Aesthetics based
      April 2019, 40×40 cm
      Denis Simonov. Aesthetics of peace
      Aesthetics of peace
      April 2019, 40×40 cm
      Denis Simonov. Harmony
      March 2019, 40×40 cm
      Denis Simonov. Aesthetics of pure art
      Aesthetics of pure art
      March 2019, 40×40 cm
      Denis Simonov. Inner space
      Inner space
      April 2019, 40 cm
      Denis Simonov. Depth of field
      Depth of field
      April 2019, 30 cm
      Denis Simonov. Solaris
      April 2019, 50 cm
      Denis Simonov. Duality
      April 2019, 60 cm
      Denis Simonov. Almach
      May 2019, 40 cm
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